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Monroe County Pizza - The Big Ten Pounder

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The Rules:
  • Challengers have 1 hour to eat the entire 28 10-12 pound, Largest Pizza in Indiana
  • 2 people per team
  • Reservation must be made 24 hours in advance for organization & media purposes.
  • Challengers pay $49.99 (plus tax) at the time of reservation.
  • Cost includes unlimited beverages.
  • Pizza will be made with your choice of 2 meat toppings or 4 veggie toppings
  • Challengers must not leave the table while competing
  • Spitting or vomiting = DQ
  • Soaking up grease or sauce with a napkin = DQ
  • Every delicious morsel of meat, sauce, bread, etc. must be consumed.
  • Contestants must keep the food down for 15 minutes after completion.
  • If all conditions are met, $200 will be awarded to the winners along with T-shirts & immortalization on the WALL OF CHAMPS. Pizza is free.